Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies

Enter the trust and transparency economy


Blockchain technology has a large potential to transform how businesses operate. From new ways of transaction management all the way to decentralised autonomous organisations. Distributed ledger technology will create new foundations for the global economy and also impact social and political systems. The use of Blockchain promises to bring significant efficiency to global supply chains, financial transactions (including cryptocurrencies, the token economy and ICO/STOs), asset ledgers, legal regulations (as smart contracts), security (cybersecurity), and decentralized networks.

The blockchain and distributed ledger technologies program focuses on giving a comprehensive overview of the technology, the architecture behind it and how to maximize the advantages of the  technology.



For Organisations

  • Duration: Formats from 3 days up to an annual Masters degree (see ``For Individuals``) program available
  • Style: Lectures & Workshops
  • Location: GILT Frankfurt or Barcelona Campus or off campus at any location
  • Participants: For up to 20 participants
  • GILT certification at the end of the program

For Individuals

  • Duration: 1 year accredited Masters program
  • Style: 100% Online
  • Location: Virtual
  • Intake: Every March and November
  • Participants: Unlimited
  • European accredited Master degree in cooperation with Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School and the University of Barcelona


# 1


Learn what makes this technology so special and why it has the potential to become the backbone of every digital system

# 2


Understand how distributed ledger technologies are design and build from a technical and non-technical perspective

# 3


Get an overview of the most exciting uses cases of the technology and learn how to apply them for your own business

# 4


Learn how to roll out blockchain projects and how to scale them within existing structures

# 5


Learn about legal and regulatory aspects as well as the challenges and opportunities of the technology

# 6


Our network includes over 500+ blockchain enthusiast that are willing to take the discussion with you


  • The Trust & Transparency Economy: The digital world; trust; transparency & ethics and paradigm shifts in organisations
  • An Introduction to Blockchain: History of data; what are blocks & chains
  • Problems that the Blockchain is solving
  • The Blockchain Ecosystem: Main stakeholder of the ecosystem
  • Cybersecurity 101: Encryption; hash functions; design of protocols and privacy
  • Fundamentals of Data and Databases
  • Distributed Systems: Architecture of Blockchain Networks & Protocols
  • Ledger & Authorities: Private and Public Networks
  • Classification of Blockchains
  • Blockchain Implementation
  • Definition of money and how cryptocurrencies fit in
  • International currency markets and open financial systems
  • Introduction to Bitcoin; Ethereum; Ripple & the token universe
  • The future cryptocurrency landscape and its stakeholders
  • Dynamics of Innovation
  • Legal & Regulation in the Blockchain world
  • Best practice to ICOs
  • Smart Contracts Management
  • Fundamentals of Crypto Networks and Blockchain
  • Comparison of Protocols & Networks
  • Token based Applications
  • Further Projects and Outlook
  • Determining how blockchain fits into your industry/business
  • Blockchain cases in different industries
  • Venture capital in the blockchain industry
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship and business modelling
  • Organisational Design for Blockchain
  • Challenges of Blockchain
  • Social Implications
  • Political Implications
  • How to code in Python
  • Coding a blockchain
  • Solidity 101


  • A holistic educational program design
  • Learning in beautiful and inspiring locations that are designed for learning
  • A broad variety of activities throughout the program not just lectures from the front
  • Tailor-made program materials
  • Bonding and bounding team-building activities
  • Additional virtual classroom and collaboration platform
  • Activation of all participants to become lifelong learners and curious leaders of change
  • Enhancement of the ability to cope with highly complex business situations for all participants
  • Raised competences in management leadership and technology
  • Understanding of philosophical contemplation to tackle the big challenges
  • Access to events and networks through our alumni and partner network


Professionals with decision-making responsibilities affecting their organization.

(Innovation) Managers that are looking to further their career to a position involving more leadership attributes.

Future leaders who have been identified and put on a talent-track.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs.


The GILT ILP (Individual Learning Proposition) puts the participant in focus and adapts to every participants individual needs at any time. Participants will not only learn, but also learn how to teach in a variety of formats including:

Seminars, Lectures & Keynotes
Workshops, Simulations & Case Studies
Collaboration sessions (e.g. Socratic Debates)
Leadership and Personal Development Sessions
Team Activities (e.g. cooking session or hiking)
Interdisciplinary Sparks (e.g. teach something you are good at)