(Re-)defining Self, Wealth, and Society


`{`ˈprɑːˈ - ˈster·ɪ·t̬i`}`: portmanteau of posterity and prosperity

The word ‘Prosterity’ describes the essence of 21st century leadership—in business, politics, and society as a whole. Prosterity leaders are stakeholder-driven and strive towards a ‘dynamic equilibrium’. They build for future generations, grow as human beings, and shape the world around them—including people, communities, resources, and the planet. Prosterity is a way of life and a guiding principle for shaping a holistic, humanistic, and compassionate capitalism.


The program presents groundbreaking global case studies and provides you with fundamental insights on how technology will help solve global challenges and create new jobs. Prosterity Leadership will help you tackle the digital tsunami by (re-)balancing long term visions and short term actions to build businesses for future generations.

Together with Norwegian philosopher Anders Indset (author of ‘The Quantum Economy’) and a world class faculty, the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT) has developed a program that puts leadership at the core of mastering the societal and economic challenges of the 21st century. Humanity is confronted by two existential challenges: how do we avoid an ecological collapse, and how do we cope and live with exponential technologies?

The Prosterity Program will help you develop your personal leadership style and help you cope with the demands of your organization and society in general without compromising core values and principles. The program is a starting point in your (new) leadership journey to redefine self, wealth and society.



General Information

  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Style: Lectures and Case Studies
  • Location: GILT Virtual Campus
  • Participants: Curated by GILT admission team
  • Next Intake: September (Open Enrollment for Individuals)
  • For Organizations: Flexible group sizes and intakes
  • Certification: GILT certificate at the end of the program

Who should attend

This course is for anyone who wants to (re-)discover leadership in the 21st century and embark on a transformative journey to tackle the paradoxes of our time. The program is equally relevant to senior leaders seeking new impulses as well as aspiring (mid-career) professionals who want to shape their leadership profile.


Simone Menne

Gallerist and Member of multiple Supervisory Boards

Simone is a gallerist and member of a variety of large-cap supervisory boards, including BMW AG and Deutsche Post DHL AG. She is also a Non-Executive Director at Johnson Controls International Plc. From 2016 to 2017, she worked at Boehringer Ingelheim as the Head of Finance. She was Chief Financial Officer at Lufthansa AG from 2012 to 2016 and Chief Financial Officer at British Midland for 2 years before that.
Anders Indset


Anders is one of the world’s leading business philosophers and a trusted sparring partner to international CEOs and political leaders. He is the best-selling author of ‘Wild Knowledge - Outthink the Revolution’, ‘The Quantum Economy - Saving the Mensch with Humanistic Capitalism’ and the forthcoming ‘Infected Thinking’, and is a sought-after keynote speaker, where he shows his audiences how to apply practical philosophy in business.
Melati Wijsen

Social Activist and Changemaker

Melati, born in 2000, is an Indonesian-Dutch changemaker that helped champion the ban on single use plastic bags on her home island of Bali in 2019. Selected as a Forbes 30 Under 30, Melati has also been named by TIME magazine as one of the most influential teens in the world. Today Melati is working on her new youth empowerment project: YOUTHTOPIA.
Thomas Schmidt

CEO of Haniel Group

Thomas has been CEO of Haniel since July 2019. Thomas was appointed to the management board in 2017 and was also CEO of Haniel's business unit CWS. The engineering graduate began his career in 1996 with various positions at the US group General Electric (GE). He moved to TE Connectivity in 2008 and became President of TE Industrial in 2010. He is a board member of TAKKT AG and volunteers on the board of the Allbright Foundation.
Henry Mintzberg

Cleghorn Chair of Management Studies at McGill University

Henry is the Cleghorn Chair of Management Studies at McGill University, has authored 20 books and earned a number of honorary degrees, including from the Universities of Venice, Geneva, and Ghent, as well as The New School in New York. He is also the co-founder of the International Master’s Program for Managers and the International Masters for Health Leadership.
Miha Pogačnik

Cultural Entrepreneur and Professor of Arts & Leadership

A world-renowned violinist, Miha is also a cultural entrepreneur, social artivist, an official ‘Ambassador of Culture’ for the Republic of Slovenia and Adjunct Professor of Arts & Leadership at IEDC Bled School of Management. He is perhaps best known for using his violin in organic and disruptive ways to reposition the impact of the arts in society, and to connect disciplines, cultures, and generations with one another.



The Prosterity Program combines the best of both worlds. In addition to your weekly live-sessions, you will receive a variety of study materials that you can work on according to your own schedule. Study materials include recorded videos, podcasts, books, workbooks, and practical activities. And if you ever miss one of the live classes, you can always watch the recording.


Each week, guest lecturers are invited to share a real-life case study of projects that are currently being developed and realized. You will be introduced to case studies on emerging technologies such as blockchain and quantum, social and impact initiatives, and new business models—hands on from leaders to leaders.


Discuss, debate, and dialogue about the most pressing challenges with a selected group of peers on our virtual campus and in virtual breakout groups. Build intense relationships and strengthen your network with people who will continue to enrich your life well after the program is completed. All program activities are designed to empower you to explore new ideas and implement new solutions in your own environment.


Practitioners, management and leadership thinkers, artists and philosophers. Holism and interdisciplinarity are essential for coping with the challenges of our fast-paced society. The hand-picked global faculty team will not only share their direct and practical knowledge, but will also provide personal insights and experiences from their various fields of work in their live sessions. It is a unique opportunity to ‘be on stage’ with the faculty and ask your own personal questions.



Practical Philosophy

  • How to apply practical philosophy as a tool to take on the rising pressure of ‘Nowism’ and rapid decision-making while developing clear thinking and long-term visions
  • How to understand the paradoxes of our time and the underlying forces of change

The Quantum Economy

  • How to cope with exponential technologies as a driver for new opportunities and as a threat to business and society
  • How to participate in building a holistic and humanistic new capitalistic system: the quantum economy


Learning, Living, Leading

  • Skill-Up: from external drive to inner strength - mastering the skills to lead and strive for a fulfilled life
  • Setting the stage for change
  • Redefining education by sharing the right information; providing tools and creating (like-minded) networks
  • Combining learning and teaching as a way of life - putting education at the heart of the organization

Creating a Movement

  • Ignite your passions and grow your skills to become an active changemaker
  • The journey to become the change the world needs
  • Strive for something bigger than YOU and build your tribe


Experiential Leadership

  • Me + We + Us
  • Exploring co-creation
  • Building a participatory culture
  • Understanding and coping with change
  • The role of stability and chaos
  • Dealing with angst and paradoxes
  • Moving from the known to the unknown
  • Building an ‘Organizational Masterpiece’


About Management and Leadership

  • Management and leadership in the digital world
  • Transforming the business world into a more inclusive; digitally driven and open-minded space
  • Establishing sustainable practices within a company
  • The role of management in the digital world
  • Leading in good and in tough times
  • Doing things in ways that haven’t been tried before
  • Curiosity and creativity
  • Experimenting with new technologies and the role of art

Stories from the Engine Room

  • Never waste a good crisis
  • Building great boards
  • The role of boards in the digital world
  • Becoming a board member or non-executive director
  • The relevance of lateral thinking in board positions


Defining Your Path to ‘Enkelfähig’

  • About wealth and values - Defining success as an ‘Enkelfähig’ organisation
  • Success requires change
  • Defining what a livable and desirable future means to you
  • Setting sail for change
  • Sustainable strategies: people; planet; progress
  • Case study: Redefining your operating model - The 'Haniel Operating Way'

Striving Ever Onwards

  • Balancing innovation and change with tradition and preservation


Rebalancing Society

  • The idea of balance and why rebalancing society matters
  • A map for balance: plural associations; public sector; private enterprises
  • Common cause: Orchestrated planning and beneficial venturing
  • A pathway to balance: from imbalance to dynamic balance
  • Regression; Rejuvenation; Reformation

Taking Action and Getting it Done

  • The 'Declaration of our Interdependence'
  • Getting it done: activities from personal to planet
  • Reframing beliefs; Reversing wrongs; Renewing rights


Laura Claus

Laura is a social scientist with a PhD from the University of Cambridge. She has conducted fieldwork in Indonesia and spent time as a research fellow at Stanford University. Her research was awarded the prestigious Carolyn B. Dexter award.
Robin Weninger

Robin is the Managing Director of the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT). The World Economic Forum recognized him as a Global Shaper in 2015 and as a European Digital Leader in 2017.