Leadership, Change & Exponential Technologies

Excel in the digital age


Learn about the new paradigms of organisational design, management and leadership. Deep dive into how to empower yourself and the people around you as well as understand how a holistic view on management can change outcomes. You will gain a holistic understanding of change management from various angles including social- and behavioral perspectives that often come short in practice. We also will look into learning and self-organising organisations based on behavioural design patterns.

Additionally, this program gives you a fundamental understanding of the game changing exponential technologies that will have a lasting impact on the way we live and do business. You will understand the meta implications and the challenges each and every technology will bring along and how to tackle them.

After the program, you will be capable of bringing a new perspective into every business and to be a valuable sparring partner for your peers that is capable of navigating an organisation through the wilds of our complex world.



For Organisations

  • Duration: 3 month full-time or 9 month blended
  • Style: Lectures
  • Workshops and Innovation Project
  • Location: GILT Frankfurt or Barcelona Campus or off campus at any location
  • Participants: For up to 15 participants
  • GILT certification at the end of the program

For Individuals

  • Duration: 3 month full-time program
  • Style: Lectures
  • Workshops and Innovation Project
  • Location: GILT Frankfurt or Barcelona Campus
  • Intake: Every February
  • Participants: Maximum 20 participants
  • GILT certification at the end of the program


# 1


Understand management and leadership in the digital age from a holistic perspective and challenge current practices

# 2


Learn how to design the nitty gritty of your organisation. Understand how to be visionary and hands-on an the same time

# 3


Beyond methods and models. In this program we will work on your challenges and not any abstract case studies

# 4


Learn how to lead and manage other but also yourself better. You will be equipped with essential life skills to become better and happier every day

# 5


Learn about validation tools and how to come up with plausible explanations. You will challenge everything is a positive way

# 6


Learn how to join the technology discussion. We will introduce you to all exponential technologies and prepare you for the discussion everybody tries to avoid


  • New paradigms of leading in the digital age: Agile
  • Customer Centricity and New Work
  • Organisational Design beyond org charts. How to design future-proof organisations
  • Managing Organisations with the strategy operations framework and OKRs
  • Tales of being a good leader: Practical tools for self-improvment
  • An introduction to practical applied philosophy and interdisciplinary thinking
  • The role of perception
  • understanding and reasoning in change
  • Understanding how humans cope with change
  • Behavioural Design: Change programs with the human being in focus
  • Creating learning organisations that embrace change
  • Becoming a Leader of Change: Practical tools on how to lead and manage change
  • Exponential Technologies 101 - Implications
  • Evolution and technology intersections
  • Introduction to Digital Business Models and data driven businesses
  • Working with Data: Smart Data vs. Big Data
  • Understanding the implications of Exponential Technologies
  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • Super- and Quantum-Computers
  • Foundations of Distributed Ledgers and the trust economy