Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies


Understand. Access. Apply.

Learn what makes this technology so special and why it has the potential to become the backbone of every digital system. Understand distributed ledger technologies and the specific blockchain design from a technical and non-technical perspective.


Blockchain technology has a large potential to transform how businesses operate. From new ways of transaction management all the way to decentralised autonomous organisations. Distributed ledger technology will create new foundations for the global economy and also impact social and political systems. The use of Blockchain promises to bring significant efficiency to global supply chains, financial transactions (including cryptocurrencies, the token economy and ICO/STOs), asset ledgers, legal regulations (as smart contracts), security (cybersecurity), and decentralized networks.

The program focuses on giving a comprehensive overview of the technology, the architecture behind it and demonstrates how to maximize the advantages of the technology.



General Information

  • Duration: One academic year
  • ECTS: 60 (accredited by the Universitat de Barcelona IL3)
  • Delivery: 100% Online - asynchronous and bi-weekly synchronous classes
  • Location: Virtual Campus provided by Canva
  • Intake: Every March and November
  • Degree: Accredited Master

Who should attend

This Master is for anyone who wants to deep dive into blockchain technologies and fundamentally understand the implications of the technology on business and society. The program is equally relevant to non-technical profiles seeking new insights and knowledge as well as technical professionals who want to shape their profile.

In collaboration with:


Daniel Diemers

Partner at SNGLR Group and Member of the Blockchain Taskforce of the Swiss Blockchain Federation

Emi Lorincz

Senior Director at Ledger and Board Member of the Crypto Valley Association

Frederik Gregaard

CEO of Cardano Foundation

George Coxon

Director of Nano Foundation

Günther Dobrauz

Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland and Member of PwC’s Global Legal Leadership Team

Philipp Sandner

Head of Blockchain Center at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and a Top 30 German Economist

David Wohde

Head of Digital Transformation at Merz and Program Director at Global Institute of Leadership and Technology

Laurent Strauss

Chief Cyber Security Strategist at Micro Focus

Anna Caroline Lang

Consultant at micobo and Co-Founder of DLT Talents

Miguel Vaz

Product Manager Digital Asset Custody at blocknox (Stuttgart stock exchange)

Cedric Mössner

Independent Security Expert and Blockchain Developer

Adrien Tharin

Attorney-at-law, Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance Services at PwC Legal Switzerland

Ali Pasha Foroughi

Independent Developer, Architect & Tech Lead

Robin Weninger

Managing Director at Global Institute of Leadership and Technology



The program combines the best of both worlds. The majority of the program is delivered as asynchronous classes produced in a professional studio setting. In addition to your bi-weekly live-sessions, you will receive a variety of study materials that you can work on according to your own schedule. Study materials include interviews, masterclasses, podcasts, books, workbooks, and practical activities. And if you ever miss one of the live classes, you can always watch the recording.


We invite guest lecturers on a regular basis to share a real-life case study of projects that are currently being developed and realized. You will be introduced to case studies on a variety of topics like social innovation, energy, mobility or health —hands on from leaders to leaders. And if this is not enough, the program will help you realize your own project along the way.


Discuss, debate, and dialogue about the most pressing challenges with a selected group of peers on our virtual campus and in virtual breakout groups. Build intense relationships and strengthen your network with people who will continue to enrich your life well after the program is completed. All program activities are designed to empower you to explore new ideas and implement new solutions in your own environment.


Practitioners, management and leadership thinkers, artists and philosophers. Holism and interdisciplinarity are essential for coping with the challenges of our fast-paced society. The hand-picked global faculty team will not only share their direct and practical knowledge, but will also provide personal insights and experiences from their various fields of work in their live sessions. It is a unique opportunity to ‘be on stage’ with the faculty and ask your own personal questions. Additionally, you will have access to one on one tutoring whenever needed. 


Introduction to Blockchain Fundamentals

Understand where blockchain comes from and why it has the power to change wide areas of our economic reality

  • Module 1: Blockchain and the Trust & Transparency Economy
  • Module 2: Cryptography & Security
  • Module 3: Basics of Blockchain Technology & Architecture

Deep Understanding of Blockchain Technology & Economics

Dive deep into the matter of blockchain and gain insights into blockchain architecture, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and legal implications

  • Module 4: Cryptocurrencies Token Economy & ICOs/STOs
  • Module 5: Legal & Regulation
  • Module 6: Advanced Blockchain Technology & Architecture

Application of Blockchain Technology

Learn how to apply blockchain technology into your projects and therefore choose between the business-focused path and the software development path

  • Module 7: Business Applications & Use Cases

Business Path

  • Module 8: Lean Business Modeling for Blockchain
  • Module 9: Challenges Scalability and the Future of Blockchain

Technical Path

  • Module 8 Technical Path: Lean Blockchain Prototyping & Development
  • Module 9 Technical Path: Implementation of Blockchain Technology into Existing Enterprise Software Ecosystems