GILT Custom Programs

In-depth learning experiences

GILT Custom Programs develops tailor-made learning experiences for organisations.


Learning programs adapted to your industry and challenges. At GILT, we have conducted custom corporate education and leadership development programs for organisations of all sizes and industries in more than 20 countries. Among them, Fortune 500 companies, hidden champions and world-leading brands in various industries.

Are you facing rapid and permanent change in complex environments?

We help you to challenge the status quo, explore the unconventional and explore the unbeaten path to find new plausible explanations for the big questions far beyond digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

Along the way, we help you to improve your problem-solving skills through an entrepreneurial mindset, embrace cross-functional collaboration and introduce you to the world of philosophical contemplation.


Step 1: Assessment of challenges and needs

We analyze the current status of your organisation and define goals for the program. We will look into existing learning programs and evaluate how to align programs. We do this through interviews and a half-day to full-day workshop with a dedicated team from your organisation and our management team.

Step 2: Program Design

In the second phase, our executive education team will design the program based on the assessment.

We will align your specific organisational content with your unique Individual learning Proposition, elements from our Master degree programs and philosophical contemplation. We will also include elements that will empower participants to become life-long learners, mentors and coaches for their teams as well as leading change within the organisation.

We will also decide on the delivery method, additional elements like field studies, retreats or the like to spice up the program.

Together with your organisation we will do up to three iterations until we have the final program in place.

Step 3: Program Delivery

We are not only delivering the program to the participants but will also work closely with the participants to improve the program while it is running

We are open to changes throughout the program if we see that participants are in need for different inputs or if unexpected changes within the organisation happen. Our whole faculty is trained in adapting to changes on the spot. We are capable of changing anything at any time throughout the program.

Additionally, we are in dialogue with your organisation throughout the whole program to improve and add new content to the program. Your dedicated program manager will be available for you at all times.

Step 4: Program Evaluation

At the end of each program we are doing a formal evaluation with you. This can be done in a workshop or via digital evaluation methods.

The knowledge of the evaluation will be used by our design team to fine tune the program for the next iteration. We will also measure the level of fulfillment of the pre-defined goals and provide a learning report that looks will focus on the knowledge transfer into the organisation.


Our promise

  • A holistic educational program design and end-to-end delivery
  • Activation of all participants to become lifelong learners and curious leaders of change
  • Enhancement of the ability to cope with highly complex business situations for all participants
  • Spillover effects within the organisation through the integration of coaching and mentoring tools of the participants to empower their teams in the day-to-day business operations
  • Raised competences in management leadership and technology for all participants
  • Understanding of philosophical contemplation to tackle the big challenges during and after the program

More than a program

  • Learning in beautiful and inspiring locations that are designed for learning
  • A broad variety of activities throughout the program not just lectures from the front
  • Tailor-made program materials
  • Bonding and bounding team-building activities
  • Additional virtual classroom and collaboration platform
  • Access to events and networks through our alumni and partner network