Leaders of Change

Learn. Lead. Teach.

At GILT, our goal is to put education at the heart of every organisation in order to cope with an evermore complex and uncertain world. We help adapt to new organisational structures and facilitate new ways of working. 

GILT co-operates with leading educational institutions, and a renowned faculty of thinkers  and practitioners from all over the world. Together, the GILT ecosystem forms an avant-garde of thinkers that dare to explore the void and dive into the unknown.

New concepts and ideas are born at GILT Think, where we seek to facilitate a learning- and working environment in order to rethink economic models and current structures in education. Next to emphasizing leadership and technology as core areas of future learning, GILT Think focuses on leaving sustainable footprints behind and being a driver of how society will operate in the future. 

It is the privilege of our generation to live in the amazing age of exponential technologiesWhilst the fundamentals still apply, the accelerated dynamics of innovation have radically altered the rules in the race of building the future. That’s why GILT believes in:

  • Improving and training complex problem-solving skills
  • Re-discovering the lost art of critical thinking
  • Learning how to cope with change
  • Spurring creativity to master adaptability flexibility and improvisation
  • Fostering dialogue and collaboration through emotional intelligence
  • Becoming a storyteller to lead better
  • Exploring the powers of questions to strengthen your decision making
  • Starting a journey of lifelong learning

Enjoyment And Fulfilment Of Life-Long Learning

We believe in education that is based on dialogue, collaboration and co-creation like it started back in the days in the Ancient Greek Agora, the birthplace of education. Building on these simple and, at times, almost forgotten principles, “Agora” serves as an anchor point, not only as a basis for philosophical reasoning but as a source of inspiration to build a new educational model and a school made for today’s challenges.

The core of ancient Greek philosophy paired with the best of leadership and management development, technology and science. A new holistic and interdisciplinary approach to shaping work, life and all the systems that we have. We are educating tomorrow’s leaders of change.

Empowering Curious Leaders Of Change

Our challenge is not to outcompete robots and machines, but to focus on what the machines can not do. We need to practice and learn skills around our values and beliefs by tapping into our consciousness, our intuition and our sensory experiences. We at GILT believe that the future will be improvised and that we can no longer rely on and follow our well known models that steer our world.

GILT Think

Rethinking our world

GILT Think is a conglomerate of individuals and organisations to explore, test and validate new ways of learning as well as creating new models. Many of our programs are born here and are the result of working in interdisciplinary teams that seek new questions and plausible answers to the most pressing challenges of our times. GILT Think is a part of the Q Economy working environment exploiting radical new ways to drive the economy.

What we do

  • Rethinking how to teach
  • Rethinking how to learn
  • Developing new models for life-long learning
  • Engaging with a community of bold thinkers
  • Offering a playground to test out new ways of doing things